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Tie Downs and Winches

What are Tie Downs and Winches?

Wheelchair Tie Downs are used to secure your wheelchair whilst you are travelling in your vehicle. We use both front and rear webbing Tie Downs to ensure your wheelchair is being transported as safely as possible.

A standard wheelchair can weigh anything between 15 and 18kgs, that’s the weight of a 4 year old child, and can potentially cause injury to anyone attempting to lift this into a vehicle unaided. We fit and install Unwin and Koller wheelchair winches that help distribute this weight as the wheelchair is unloaded and loaded into your vehicle.

All products in the Unwin and Koller ranges comply with ISO industry standards.

As Tie Downs and Winches need to be measured to fit your individual wheelchair and vehicle requirements we recommend you give us a call on 01325 389900 to talk it all through and decide what is best for you.

How do Tie Downs and Winches Work?

Wheelchair Tie Downs are assessed and fitted to suit the requirements of your wheelchair as well as the specification of your vehicle. Tie Downs can be fitted using a variety of rail tracking systems or by solo floor anchors depending on what your vehicle allows for. Our Tie Down systems can also be purchased with static occupant restraints to safely secure the passenger.*

The Unwin Winch system is one of the smallest on the market and blends seamlessly with the interior of most cars. The 6m long webbing is suitable for most types of vehicle and the system allows for variable acceleration when loading and unloading your wheelchair. The Winch system also features an automatic stop that will retain the tension without any backward movement which combined with the gradual start offers greater comfort to wheelchair users. The Unwin Winch system is capable of securing 150kg payload at a 25% gradient.

*Some occupant restraint systems have weight restrictions.

Will Tie Downs and Winches work with my Wheelchair?

The Unwin Tie Down and Winch systems are measured and fitted to suit all major manual and electric or powered wheelchairs including models from Invacare UK, Patterson Medical LTD, Karma Mobility and those provided by the NHS

Watch Unwin Tie Downs in action

How do I get Tie Downs and Winches for my vehicle?

From our workshop in Darlington we fit and install Tie Downs and Winches in vehicles throughout the North East and Cumbria including Durham, Ripon, Penrith and Newcastle.

We also offer a mobile service, as we appreciate how difficult it can be for our customers to bring their vehicles to us. In instances where it is not viable for us to do the work outside of our workshop, we will collect the car and deliver it back to you, all free of charge.

We are happy to provide a free no obligation demonstrations from our workshop in Darlington so you can see how Tie Downs and Winches would work in your car. Just give us a call on 01325 389900 to arrange a time that is suitable for you. If you are a Motability customer, then Tie Downs and Winches will cost you nothing. You can find more information including if you are eligible for funding through the Motability Scheme website.