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Boot Opener

What is a Boot Opener?

A Boot Opener, sometimes referred to as Tailgate Opener or Pneumatic Hatch Opener, is a device that assists in opening and closing the rear hatch of a vehicle.

We fit and install the that can be operated by a switch in your vehicle or by wireless remote control. The A-Hatch system allows the boot to still be opened and closed manually and for vehicles without an electric boot lock, this can also be integrated into the A-Hatch Boot Opener system controls.

How does a Boot Opener work?

The A-Hatch Boot Opener from Autoadapt converts a standard manual rear hatch into an automatic rear hatch whilst still allowing the boot to be opened manually.

The A-Hatch cylinder has a 600mm stroke length, enabling the boot to open fully and allowing for easy access.

All the Autoadapt A-Hatch systems we fit are designed and tested according to industry directives and standards to ensure their quality.

Watch the Autoadapt A-Hatch Boot Opener in action!

Will the A-Hatch Boot Opener system fit my vehicle?

The A-Hatch Boot Opener is a small and flexible system that suits almost all vehicles. If you would like to know if this system is suitable for your vehicle or are interested in viewing more adapted vehicles, please contact our Darlington Workshop on 01325 389900.

How do I get a Boot Opener?

From our workshop in Darlington we fit and install A-Hatch Boot Openers throughout the North East and Cumbria including Durham, Penrith, Hull and Kendall.

We also offer a mobile service, as we appreciate how difficult it can be for our customers to bring their vehicles to us. In instances where it is not viable for us to do the work outside of our workshop, we will collect the car and deliver it back to you, all free of charge.

We are happy to provide a free no obligation demonstrations from our workshop in Darlington so you can see how the Boot Opener system would work in your car. Just give us a call on 01325 389900 to arrange a time that is suitable for you. You can find more information including if you are eligible for funding through the Motability Scheme website.